OpenCRVS is an open source software product that supports civil registration (CR) and vital statistics (VS) services in low-resource countries and is interoperable with other systems. An important feature of OpenCRVS is the data driven management dashboard where CR managers can view key performance indicators, such as registration coverage rates per district and time taken between birth registration and the collection of the birth certificate.


Since its launch in 2013 MicroGuide™ has helped improve antimicrobial stewardship and is now used in 114 Medical Organisations. Over 50% of UK NHS clinicians use the service and it’s been deployed in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Gibraltar, New Zealand, China, Iceland, the United States, Cambodia, and MalawiThere are over 100,000 users of the mobile application in 173 countries.

Goods Guidebook Version 1.0

The Global Goods Guidebook showcases emergent and established global goods that are approved for investment through Digital Square. By better coordinating the development of digital health global goods, such as those presented in the guidebook, stakeholders involved in digital health can reduce duplication and ensure that platforms are not only more aligned with national priorities, but that they strengthen health systems